Alumina: The Form of Aluminium

Light, strong, versatile, sustainable and widespread in Nature: aluminium is ductile and eclectic, with extraordinary characteristics that make it an ideal medium for the world of design.

The new Alumina brand pays tribute to this incredible material and its potential, exploring its versatility and allure in a series of objects and forms. Born out of RotaGroup’s know-how and technical expertise in aluminium processing, Alumina offers objects made from exclusive alloys, designed to combine in a single gesture the performance of technology with the qualities of aesthetics.

Aluminium thus becomes the interpreter of archetypal forms of design, where aesthetics strips off the superfluous, to point up the functionality and beauty of simplicity. Trays, plates, bowls, vases and furnishings acquire renewed value, thanks to a simple material that is at the same time powerful and always surprising.

Every Alumina product is unique: craftsmanship guarantees objects always different and the details tell of a material shaped with skill and care, in whose authenticity lies the added value of products that never repeat themselves.

Alumina operates in full respect for the environment and its resources: completely recyclable, aluminium guarantees an infinite product life cycle, without losing its basic material properties at any stage.
Alumina carries a dedication to its origin in its semantic roots: the name itself is a tribute to the basic component of aluminum, Alumina, and the logo to its molecule, Al2O3.

alumina milano